Delaunay et Fils :
Designer and manufacturer of customised tubular
heat exchangers and pressure vessels since 1919.

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Proximity - Expertise and Advice -
Know-how - Quality and respect of deadlines

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The markets we serve are:
Oil Refining, Petrochemistry,
Chemicals and other process industries

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, Delaunay et Fils has many clients all over the world,
for varied and prestigious projects.

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Created in 1919, DELAUNAY et Fils, with its double competence in Boilermaking and Mechanics, has specialised since the 1950s in the study and manufacturing of Pressure Vessels and, in particular, customised Tubular Heat Exchangers for the Refining, Petrochemical and Chemical markets.

Thanks to its references, its image and its seriousness, its clientele, initially local (Refineries and Petrochemical Units of Le Havre, Port Jérôme and Rouen) has very quickly expanded to include all potential national clients and then, through French and international engineering companies, to many foreign industrial sites.

Today, DELAUNAY et Fils is an internationally recognised company for its expertise and experience, for the quality and technicality of its work, for its performance, for its reactivity and flexibility, as well as for its seriousness and its strong commitment to respecting contractual commitments (in particular deadlines). Around one hundred qualified and experienced employees design and manufacture specific equipment of all sizes (up to 170 T each) and in a very wide range of materials at our 15,000 m² site in Le Havre.

Most of this customised equipment is made up of Complete or Partial Tubular Heat Exchangers (bundles, distribution boxes, grilles, etc.), but our skills also extend to the manufacturing of other pressure equipment (tanks, columns, air cooler bundles, reactors, etc.) as well as the repair and reconditioning of exchangers in the workshop (de-tubing and re-tubing, modification, etc.).

Les marchés

Oil refining and petrochemistry

Exploration / Production
(Oil & Gas)


Other process industries
(energy, industrial gases, desalination, nuclear, etc.)

More than 50% of the exchangers designed and manufactured by Delaunay et Fils are exported for installation at or by our customers worldwide.
To date, during its 100 years of existence (including nearly 60 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of tubular type heat exchangers), our Company has successfully designed and manufactured nearly 10,000 customised exchangers (or parts of exchangers), according to the specifications / codes and requirements of each of our customers.

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