Our teams

Our study and production capacities: 150 to 200 Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers, replacement bundles and/or pressure vessels per year.

Our permanent staff consists of about 100 employees, experienced and specialized in the design and manufacturing of our equipment.

Our study and design, production, quality control and support teams are located on our one and only site in Le Havre.

Our company integrates internally most of the skills, the human and material means necessary to produce the equipment it supplies (design, study, machining, assembly, welding, controls and tests, etc.). This advanced integration together with our capabilities and expertise ensures our clients a high degree of flexibility and the best reactivity for « customized » and fast-track projects.

Our workshops

Location: Industrial port area of Le Havre – France
Surface area of the premises:
Total area of the land: 15 000m2
Covered area of the workshops: 12 000m2 (4 main workshops)
Study and production capacities: 150 to 200 new pieces of equipment, spare bundles and/or pressure vessels per year
Max. unit weight of product equipment: 170t (depending on the equipment geometry)
Max. diameter of equipment produced: approx. 4,500 mm
Max. length: more than 30 m
Max. thickness of the tube sheets: 600 mm
Max. weld thickness: 120 mm (rolling outsourced locally for heavy thicknesses)
A recent fleet of machines for:

  • Oxy and plasma cutting
  • Bending – rolling
  • Drilling
  • Welding
  • Inspecting and testing

Our workshops are equipped with all the pieces of equipment and tools adapted and specific to our activities:

  • 25 traveling cranes
  • 6 machining lathes (up to a diameter of 3,000mm)
  • 4 CNC machining centers (drilling, boring, milling)
  • 4 high-capacity conventional drills (for de-tubing and repair work)
  • 6 saws (including one saw for diameters up to 2,000 mm for de-tubing work)
  • 1 cutting bench machine
  • 2 presses
  • 2 chamfering machines
  • 4 positioners
  • 1 set of 20 sets of rotators with capacity up to 100t
  • 6 plasma and/or flame cutting stations
  • More than 20 electrode (SMAW) and TIG (GTAW) welding stations
  • 2 pits for flat welding
  • 5 ARC column and boom welding manipulators submerged under flux (SAW) and/or electroslag
  • welding (ESW)
  • 8 orbital TIG welding robots
  • 1 blockhaus for radiographic testing
  • 2 preheating and induction heat treatment units
  • 1 heat treatment furnace
  • 6 tubes expanding machines
  • 4 column and boom expanding manipulators
  • 3 hydraulic test benches for heat exchanger bundles